Friday, December 2, 2011

Carrie Miller/adidas AG part 2: sorry guys my map is being weird

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Carrie Miller/adidas AG

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Apple and Its Globalization Map by Cynthia Pun Section AE

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Evelina Vaisvilaite - The Audi Company Around the World

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Conner Sapp: Globalization of Chevron

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Globalization of Apple Inc. by Patrick Tabb

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Coca Cola's Bottling Companies for Hire by Sarah Hess Section AE

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Chevron & Globalization by Kasey Palermo Section AE

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globalization of Boeing 787 Dreamliner by Timur Maraghe

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Starbucks World-Victoria Segura

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Globalization of Pepsi-Griffin Chatterley

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Kraft's Process of Globalization (Colby Lea AE)

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Galen R: Globalization of Google

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Vodafone: Global Coverage by Nora Elgabalawy

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Globalization to success with Samsung by Rod Kim, Section AE

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Atalia Shlafer: The Expansion of Starbucks,23.071283&spn=132.676864,316.054687
Try going on Google Maps to view this instead...When I finished, Google broke up my map into several layers, something I didn't intend. I'm currently trying to figure out how to have all the pieces of the map together.

The nations shaded with red are those that have coffee plantations, but no markets (i.e. stores). Green indicated that a country has a market, but no coffee plantations. Finally, yellow indicates that a country both participates in the coffee-making process through coffee plantations and has a market for the product it produces.

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